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3ds Max Zoom Extents Not Working

COMICON 16|3D|The Mask Undead| Facebook | Artstation | 3D Tutorial Facebook Group over 6000 members strong! 07-21-201111:08 PM Reply With Quote #1 Beelzeboss Location: Manchester Posts: 270 At the bottom right I have better luck in edit poly more then that. To exclude an object from Zoom Extents: Use this procedure, for example, to ignore lights that are far away from the other objects in the scene. In the Display Properties group, make sure properties are set to By Object. navigate here

The viewport displays all objects in the scene. Click (Zoom Extents). I hope I make sense thanks in advance for any help. When I try to get in real tight on small areas like tip of a blade or the point of a finger its a pain. http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/3ds-max-forum/viewport-focus-zoom-extents-not-working-properly-in-an-isolated/td-p/5436601

Procedures To zoom all objects in one viewport: Activate the Perspective or orthographic viewport you want to zoom. Objects can be excluded from zoom extents all if the Ignore Extents box is turned on under Object Properties. Click (Zoom Extents Selected).

Not sure what I'm doing wrong but its become a buring and taking me entirely to loong to move my object so i can continue to work on it. Viewport Navigation controls (Zoom Extents) Command entry:Keyboard shortcut Z (3ds Max mode) Command entry:Keyboard shortcut F (Maya mode) NoteHow you navigate viewports depends on which interaction mode, 3ds Max or Maya, If no objects are selected, the effect is the same as Zoom Extents. You don't have an account yet?

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Forum Homepage Discussion Threads Challenge Threads Art Page Threads Feature Articles GA Challenges GA Main Challenges Click an object to select it. Zoom Extents centers all visible objects in an active Perspective or orthographic viewport. http://docs.autodesk.com/3DSMAX/16/ENU/3ds-Max-Help/files/GUID-B27D7DCC-EFDF-4D27-B6BA-F6E6BA1B7E3C.htm The time now is 01:15 PM.

Herein, a unique flavor of enthusiasm and motivation is provided to inspire artists of all levels to create art that is above and beyond expectations! No worries, joining is easy. Show in Contents Add to Favorites Home: 3ds Max Help Share Print Zoom All Perspective and Orthographic Viewport Controls Field-of-View Flyout Basics>Viewing and Navigating 3D Space>Viewport Controls>Viewport Navigation>Perspective COMICON 16|3D|The Mask Undead| Facebook | Artstation | 3D Tutorial Facebook Group over 6000 members strong! 07-22-201105:41 AM Reply With Quote #3 + Reply to Thread « Previous Thread | Next

NAVIGATION FORUMS PORTFOLIOS HIGHLIGHTS ART CHALLENGES CHALLENGE ARCHIVES WORKSHOP ARCHIVES JOBS GAMEARTISANS ABOUT GA ADVERTISE WITH US CONTACT US WORLD CHALLENGES DOMINANCE WAR UNEARTHLY CHALLENGE BLIZZARDFEST CHALLENGE MOVIEFEST CHALLENGE COMICON CHALLENGE http://forums.cgsociety.org/archive/index.php?t-1048674.html All content hosted by the challenge systems of GameArtisans.org Powered by vBulletin Version 4.1.6 Copyright © 2016 All times are GMT. NoteWhile 2D Pan Zoom mode is active, pressing Z for Zoom Extents (or F if you use Autodesk Maya shortcuts) does not test the extents of the scene, but simply resets I want to do something similar for when I'm in retopo mode (step build).

Turn on Ignore Extents. I hold ctrl+alt and use mouse wheel to zoom in and out I use mouse wheel alone to zoom in and out in increments I hold alt and use mouse wheel Zoom Extents Selected centers a selected object, or set of objects, in an active Perspective and orthographic viewport. The viewport displays the selected object.

Interface Zoom Extents Selected Centers and magnifies views so just the selected objects or sub-object selections in the scene are shown in a single viewport. Select the object by clicking it, or press H to select it by name. You may also need to turn on viewport clipping and adjust the slider if you are going right in 07-22-201112:48 AM Reply With Quote #2 talonhawk Location: New Jersey Posts: 2,794 Where if I'm working on the tip of a finger I can rotate around the axis of that tip when I try what usually happens is the zoom resets its self

This control is useful when you want to see every object in a scene in a single viewport. I noticed now like zbrush when click to sculpt it rotates around where you clicked. Zoom Extents Centers and magnifies views so all the visible objects in the scene are shown in a single viewport.

To zoom on a specific object: Activate the perspective or orthographic viewport you want to zoom.

Please send us your comment about this pageExcept where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License NewsGalleriesWorkshopsForumsCGS-TVCareers {{username()}} This control is useful when you want to navigate to small objects lost in a complex scene. The object will now be excluded by Zoom Extents and Zoom Extents Selected. The Zoom Extents flyout displays the Zoom Extents button and the Zoom Extents Selected button.