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2005 Ford Explorer Gas Gauge Not Working


But wait, there's more! Yes, I did. The sensitive are kindly requested to look away now. Front passenger seat is four bolts. Check This Out

Then, it reverts back to antislosh. Resist the urge to rent a carpet cleaner, pick it up and roll it back and over the center console. On the other end, we no longer have a simple, analog car. IF THE KEY WAS ON, oh boy. http://www.carcomplaints.com/Ford/Explorer/2005/fuel_system/fuel_gauge_not_working_properly.shtml

2010 Ford Explorer Fuel Gauge Problems

The Center for Auto Safety just made the NHTSA (US Government) make public the full text of all TSBs from now on. What we have basically is a computer with wheels that can’t understand the volume knob (analog) input. This is why every car, even with minor damage, makes the huge BOOM, and the cool fireball (except the hero car, which can be shot completely up, rammed, and jump through So, it has a computer program that interprets the data it is seeing, and compares it with information from other sensors and timers, and THEN, sends a signal to the little

Mostly from 'friend-of-a-friend' stories, and a LOT from Hollywood. Now, I never fill this thing all the way up, so I knew it was wrong. The little covers, if you still have them, just pop off. 2001 Ford Expedition Fuel Gauge Not Working Spread the word.

Basically, the system averages the readings it sees over time then adjusts the needle to match. If it drops below 10v while cranking, replace it. All TSBs to be made public.

Starting at KOEO (key off, engine off), hold your setup and reset buttons, and turn the ignition key to RUN (where it lands after you start the car.) You should see

Searches ExplorerForum.com High_Order1 Active Member Joined: January 31, 2007 Messages: 497 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 16 City, State: near Oak Ridge, TN Year and Model: 2005 Jack Bauer Edition How 2004 Ford Explorer Fuel Gauge Fuse Any deeper and you run the risk of accidentally whacking a cable or hose. ) This is how much room you got to work with under there: White is the floor And, if you pull the pump, put something over the hole while its' gone. Gas Gauge!

Ford Explorer Gas Gauge Stuck

Now, if you've never had the pleasure of dropping a fuel tank, let me hip you: it suxxors. I used a saber saw with a homebrew depth guard. (A depth guard is just something you stand the saw on so that you limit how deep the blade travels. 2010 Ford Explorer Fuel Gauge Problems Hit setup once, and you should get GAGE SWEEP. Ford F150 Gas Gauge Not Working You put electricity through it, and attach a voltmeter to the other side, and voila!

It only takes about ten minutes. his comment is here Yeah. I had no interest in any of that. $90/hr at the local dealership; I didn't have any help, my driveway is a gravel incline, and I just didn't feel like bear The intuitive shadetree will realize that there are a lot of places for a problem to pop up, and you just can't go at it with a voltmeter and a cheat Ford F250 Fuel Gauge Problem

The knob is actually a variable resistor, and turning it changes the value of resistance. SERIOUSLY. And, why aren't there more explosions at filling stations? this contact form IF THE KEY WAS OFF, and there has been a large change in the current data (in other words, you put at least 15% more gas in it than it had)

Forgot your Password? 2004 Ford F150 Fuel Gauge Problems The liquid is surprisingly stable. Why does it need all this?

If you deny it, it will get pissy with you).

Friend, I honestly don't know. So, now, at the used-to-be-dashboard-now-we-call-it-an-instrument-cluster, there is an analog-to-digital converter. Not a problem. 2004 Ford Explorer Gas Gauge Reset Seriously.

Refuel with the car on, and it will take foooorever to reflect the new level. I just SLOWLY drilled a start hole, cut three corners and bent it back. Why did I need to hear all that? navigate here In simpler words, refuel with the car off; your gauge will be pretty accurate (everything else notwithstanding).

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