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2006 Grand Prix Blower Motor Not Working


kill atwill Clermont, FL #4 Sep 16, 2010 I have a 04 prix gt, the blower motor comes on and will not shut off even with the key out of the It's just frustrating. Judged: 34 Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! YA I KNOW, I REPLACED MY IGNITION SWITCH AND IT SOLVED MY FANTOM ISSUE!!HOPE THIS HELPS Judged: 24 Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! this contact form

Judged: 8 3 Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! Thanks for the help. I have noticed the only time it turns on now is when the car is so hot it wants to turn on that fan to cool down. In fact, there appears to be no rhyme or reason to when it may work or not work.

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Motor Resistor

WEIRD!!? I have also contacted General Motors about a recall. A friend had sent to me a service bulletin which said sometimes the recurring problems are cause by an electrical surge to the system originating from the windshield wiper motor.

My 2004 Grand Prix GTP blower motor began working and not working (regardless of the speed setting) about six months ago. I've checked the resistance of the capacitor that was installed by the dealer and it appears to be working correctly. For about a month before I had any problems my car would squeal when I would turn it on, like a belt was going, but the deal said they all looked 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Motor Fuse In addition, it does not matter if the control setting is on a/c, defrost, vent, etc.

Topix › Pontiac Grand Prix › 2004 Grand Prix Intermittent Blower M... 2004 Grand Prix Intermittent Blower Motor Posted in the Pontiac Grand Prix Forum Leave a Comment Track Replies Comments 2004 Grand Prix Blower Motor Fuse Location I have tried turning all of the climate controls to off prior to shutting off the car to no avail. I'm baffled and frustrated by this and was hoping somebody, someplace at sometime has had the same issue and can offer some guidance on fixing (local guys or gals get a

I have read others have a mechanic do it but still have to replace one of the three aforementioned parts as often as I do.

As an outside sales guy in Arizona, it normally chooses to quit working when a client sits down in the passenger seat.....I replaced the blower motor resistor ( I know.......shotgun troubleshooting!) 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Motor Works Intermittently Car 3/4 on temp gauge and 140 on transmission. PONTIAC CHICK Calgary, Canada #3 Aug 30, 2010 I HAVE A 2004 AND MY BLOWER MOTOR WOULD CUT OUT WHEN MY WIPERS WERE TURNED ON, THEN BACK ON WHEN THEY WERE I know my wife had said at one time my passenger side floor was really wet.

2004 Grand Prix Blower Motor Fuse Location

I know a lot of people with 2004-2006 Pontiac Grand Prixes have the same problem with the blower system going out all the time. find this This the problem up until two weeks ago when the same condition began to occur. 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Motor Resistor Is anyone else having this issue, and the dealer treats them like they are crazy because magically when the car is there it is working? 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Motor Problems I checked the fuse, and it was fine.

It has been suggested that something is wrong with my A/C itself but the A/C coming out is cold... http://camtronics.net/grand-prix/2001-grand-prix-blower-motor-not-working.html However, two months ago when I went to the dealership to have it looked at, before I replaced the the blower motor and blower motor resistor, they said they checked the Then it started not blowing air again. The GM people you contacted should have told you. 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Motor Resistor

Should I go ahead and replace the blower motor relay again since that part is two years old? I have ordered gm part # 15794785 to solve the water issue, but I am just starting to deal with my local dealer about the capacitor fix. The fix is to install a capacitor that will prevent voltage surges from confusing the blower control module. http://camtronics.net/grand-prix/2004-grand-prix-blower-motor-not-working.html My question is could it be anything else besides the blower motor, blower motor relay, blower motor resistor, or the fuse that could be causing the problem?

I replaced the blower motor relay about two years ago. 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Motor Not Working This could corrod some parts. Every twelve to eighteen months, I have to replace either the blower motor, blower motor relay, or blower motor resistor.

It is only when I restart the car that this issue starts all over again.

Please note that it happens "randomly" but ONLY upon start up. I should add I always replace the parts myself. My problem is that I can't get the cold a/c to blow out my vents because the fan will not kick on now unless I am going 40+ mph down the 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Motor Won't Shut Off Christina Versailles, KY #6 Sep 3, 2011 I also have a 2004 Grand Prix GTP that is doing the same thing.

I'm stumped and looking to the gurus for help! Then my A/C blower started not always coming on. I just replaced the blower motor and blower motor resistor two months ago, and yesterday, the blower stopped working again. his comment is here You evidently have the latter problem.) Home Categories FAQ/Guidelines Terms of Service Privacy Policy Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled CarTalk.com Blogs Car Info Our Show Mechanics Files

FYI, when the fan finally does kick on after sweating about 10 mins in the florida heat in my dark colored car in the middle of summer, I have no issues When I looked at the outside windsheild it seems as thought the rubber stripping has come away from the windsheild and is letting water drip down into the motor. Sign Up Forgot Your Password? http://www.2carpros.com/questions/2005-pontiac-grand-prix-heater-blower-motor (note that without the fix, some blowers will run continuously, some will run intermittently, and some won't run at all.

After researching the problem, I took it to the Pontiac dealer and they installed a capacitor per TSB 05-01-39-001A.