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400w Ballast Not Working


the light is a 250 w powerplant with a powerplant ballast. Sometimes you'll find leads without the insulation. This will tell you if the lamp or ballast is having problems. Back to top PROBLEM 3— LAMP FLICKERS OR CYCLES ON AND OFF POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION 1.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by GrowMassGrass, Jan 15, 2012. I've got a little over a month left. A lead-lag ballast operates lamps in a parallel circuit; meaning if one lamp fails, the other should continue to operate properly. Quote Green_science View Public Profile Find More Posts by Green_science 02-12-2014, 01:45 AM #7 ZEROorDIE Do Not Piss Off the Tots Join Date: Nov 2008 Location: East Coast; U.S.S.A Posts: 350 http://www.thctalk.com/cannabis-forum/archive/index.php/t-37066.html

High Pressure Sodium Ballast Troubleshooting

Replacing lamps before they burn out, saves money! All discharge lighting systems offer visual (and sometimes audible) clues when problems or failures exist. Overgrow the Government! maybe its the MH/HPS switch?

Unscrewed the bulb, rescrewed it back in and it worked fine. You do not suppose to use those kinds of timers with digital ballast, or any large ballast really. Nov 7, 2016 Education Code Quiz of the Week: No. 48 2 Take this weekly quiz to test your knowledge of the 2014 National Electrical Code requirements. Difference Between Ballast And Ignitor A suggestion would be to see if a step up transformer solves you're problems, a 110-120v 50-60hz to 230-240v COULD solve you're problem, maybe you can hire one for test purposes?

Usually after three tries to start at 30 to 60 second intervals lamps will stabilize and operate normally. 2. Be sure to cut off power to the lamps before working with them for safety reasons. This cord should NOT exceed the length specified by the ballast manufacturer. Thanks for the help The Lost Soul15-01-11, 03:10 PMCould be the connection from the reflector aswell mate, frustrating as fuck!!

Naxx15-01-11, 03:45 PMNaxx man there's somethin wrong with yours if it takes that amonut of time to fire up. How To Test A High Pressure Sodium Bulb Lighting maintenance is easy; just replace burned-out lamps." Unfortunately, that's a common attitude of those holding the corporate purse strings. Wrong Ballast Make sure that the ballast label agrees with the line voltage and the installed lamp. Event Calendar Videos IC Strainguide IC Vendor Directory Go to Page...

How To Test Ballast Ignitor

Mismatched Ignitor Verify that the ballast and ignitor are matched according to the specifications. is this possible? High Pressure Sodium Ballast Troubleshooting I am making more than a few assumptions from your post but it does sound like the ballast.Click to expand... Hps Ballast Troubleshooting Short bulb life.

I had a really bad problem of getting the bulb into the reflector as it jus didnt seem to be stable and it only connects in properly in a slight angle I`m guessing my problem is with the ballast. All Rights Reserved. tical916 Well-Known Member Allright I've got a cheap 400w htg hps/mh ballast. How To Test A Metal Halide Ballast With A Multimeter

If the lamp still turns ON/OFF the lamp should be replaced. Lamp Basics Full Line of Products Where To Buy Why Buy Hortilux™? I had to do that again, I put the 400w HPS bulb back in and it worked all day. tical916, Feb 15, 2010 #7 CLOSETGROWTH Well-Known Member tical916 said: ↑ I think the ballast was overheating.

for the most part it seems that i am not able to draw enough juice on start up as i have to plug in th ballast, wait a few seconds, unplug How To Tell If A High Pressure Sodium Bulb Is Bad Improper Lamp Operating Position (Metal Halide Only) The operating position should agree with the lamp specifications. It’s easy to screw a new bulb into the fixture.

The mercury-vapor (MV) lamp has the lowest efficacy of any HID source; most of the MV lamps in the 100W to 1000W ratings have an average rated life of 24,000+ hrs.

Spot replacement of failures with new lamps may show very noticeable differences in lamp colors. An indication of the high-pressure-sodium (HPS) lamp's normal EOL is on/off cycling, since the aging lamp requires a higher voltage for operation than the ballast can supply. GrowMassGrass Registered User Joined: Aug 18, 2010 Messages: 491 Likes Received: 39 #3 GrowMassGrass, Jan 15, 2012 Do yoiu know of any possible way to fix it yourself? How To Test A Lamp Ignitor Any tips on dealing with this?

Regular timers, will just trip and blow, only high end contactors with other electronic systems on board are capable of anything else. EDIT: has anyone used a large capacitor to help fire lamps in their grow? The number one reason Metal Halide or HID lighting can be costly is the lack of preventative maintenance. I had to do that again, I put the 400w HPS bulb back in and it worked all day.

Lamp Operating in Incorrect Position Either change positioning of fixture or replace lamp with one suitable for that position. 4. Check for possibility of current or voltage surges which can damage arc Voltage tube or seals or burn up connecting ribbons inside outer tube.